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effervescent love- the happiest couple ever! Maria and Joel an outdoor photoshoot

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

The post-wedding shoot of maria and joe by kerala wedding photography was a stunning one. The couple looked gorgeous in their outfits and the shoot location was just perfect. The winter season in Kerala added a special charm to the shoot and the couple looked absolutely radiant.

The shoot was a special moment for the couple, who are now settled in the US, but originally from Kerala. They chose the backwater ripples resort Kumarakom for their post-wedding shoot because they loved the ambience of Kerala and wanted to capture some memories of their native place after their wedding day.

Maria looked gorgeous in her Kerala saree and Joe looked handsome in his kurta and mundu, The day was filled with laughter and love, and we were truly touched by the couple's divine love for each other.

"We met Kerala Wedding Photography through Maria's friend Christina, who had also settled in America. Christina showed us Kerala Wedding Photography's album from her own wedding and we were amazed by their work. When we saw your portfolio, we knew that they would be the perfect photographers for our post-wedding shoot" says the couple

The shoot took place at the backwater ripples resort in Kumarakom and the feeling was simply magical. The venue was perfect for Maria and Joe, who both love the ambience of Kerala. They were so happy and natural in front of the camera, making our job so easy!

Every moment of the shoot was special, but one moment that really stood out in our memory was when Maria and Joe were laughing and joking together.

Kerala Wedding Photography

Kerala Wedding Photography

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