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Merin & Sijo - A fairy tale Wedding

Weddings in Kerala, India are truly special. The beautiful setting, with the couples pledging their vows in front of an altar, is something to behold. The joy that radiates from the couples, knowing that they will be sharing their lives with each other, is something to behold.

Merin and Sijo's wedding was a beautiful and grand event. Merin looked stunning in her white gown and diamond necklace, while Sijo was handsome and tall in his suit. They glided down the aisle of the stunning St.Gregoriuos Catholic Church in Athirampuzha, Kottayam. The ceremony was a lovely and intimate affair, with family and friends gathered to witness the nuptials. Merin and Sijo then enjoyed a lovely reception, complete with a delicious meal and dancing. It was a truly magical day for the happy couple!

Sijo and Merin's wedding was a fairytale come true! The bride looked like a princess in her flowing white gown, and all eyes were on her as she walked down the aisle. In Christian weddings, white is a symbol of purity and chastity, and this bride looked the part perfectly. Sijo and Merin are from two different parts of Kerala Athrirampuzha and Enthayar. This Christian wedding was a dream come true for photographers. The beautiful couple looked stunning in their wedding attire and made for amazing subjects. The best wedding photographers in Kerala were there to capture every candid moment of the gorgeous ceremony. The bride and groom looked picture-perfect as they said their vows at the Athirampuzha Church. Every moment of their special day was captured in brilliant photos that they will cherish forever.

The guests at the wedding were elated, cheering and congratulating the couple as they posed for photos. The picturesque setting of the church made for the perfect backdrop for the photo session, and we were able to capture some beautiful shots of the happy couple and their families. The wedding party arrived at the Auditorium for the grand reception. The stage was decorated and lit to welcome the bride, groom and wedding guests. The events that followed included cutting the cakes, the bride and groom shower, showering gifts and was concluded by the final photo session. The guests at the wedding were emotional as they bid farewell to the couple. Throughout the ceremony, they showered the newlyweds with their love and blessings. The wedding was truly a magical one, seeing the young couple pledging their vows to stick together through the highs and lows of life.

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