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Athira & Babs Wedding Day by Best Wedding Photographer- Kerala Wedding Photography

Updated: Feb 4

In the picturesque land of Kerala, the union of Abin, fondly known as "Motographer Babs," a renowned Instagram celebrity from Kolenchery, Kochi, and Athira, manager at Axis Bank hailing from the enchanting Kottayam, unfolded as a beautiful saga.

Their love story led them to the decision to embark on the journey of marriage, and Kerala Wedding Photography had the honor of capturing the magic on their big day. Abin, the dashing groom with roots in Kolenchery, brought his moto enthusiasm to the celebration, arriving with his modified cars and a group of stunning friends.

The wedding, a Christian Orthodox ceremony, seamlessly blended Indian traditions like "ring exchange," "mala vazthu," and "thalikettu" with Malankara Orthodox rituals. The bride, Athira, a Kottayam Achayathi and media celebrity,

The ceremony took place at St. Mary's Orthodox Church, and the grand reception unfolded at DMMCC Auditorium. This was not just a wedding; it was a joyous reunion of friends, marked by moments of dance, applause, and pure bliss.

Draped in a white saree, the radiant bride complemented the groom, who looked dapper in a light green coat and suit. The Windsor castle in Kottayam witnessed their getting-ready moments and solo shoots, creating a picturesque backdrop for their special day.

Both families, Mrs. Kochurani Sam & Mr. Samkutty A.A. Alamthanathu House, Kottayam (bride's family) and Mrs. Sherly Babu & Mr. Babu K. Abraham Kattumattathil House, Kolencheri, Ernakulam (groom's family), joined in the celebration, making it a union of two worlds.

Kerala Wedding Photography Best Wedding Photographer, captured the essence of the day with stunning photos for the online gallery, offering same-day delivery and a guest book for cherished memories. As Abin and Athira step into their new chapter, we extend our heartfelt best wishes for a life filled with love, joy, and countless shared adventures. Cheers to this power-packed wedding, a dream come true for everyone involved!

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