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After Shoot Day Timeline


Immediately After the Shoot:

  1. Collect Wedding Day Payment: If payment hasn't been completed prior to the wedding day, arrange for the collection of the payment according to the agreed terms.

Within 24 Hours After the Shoot:

  1. Edited Online Gallery Delivery: Begin the editing process immediately after the shoot. Within 24 hours, provide the client with access to an online gallery containing the edited images for their initial viewing and selection.

Next 15 Days:

  1. Photo Selection Process and Design:

    • by ourself

  2. Deliver PDF for Printing Proof:

    • Photo Selection, Design, and Color Correction: Initiate the photo selection process, followed by design and color correction. After 15 days, provide a PDF of the finalized layout for printing proof.


After Your Confirmation:

  1. Album Production:

    • Once the client confirms the layout and approves the printing proof, initiate the production of the physical album.

    • Allow for a processing time of 6 days for album production.


Many clients from other wedding companies frequently encounter delays in promptly receiving their albums and videos.

The primary issue lies in the fact that clients are tasked with selecting the photos for their wedding album. However, this process becomes daunting for them after the wedding festivities. With hundreds of images to sift through from a collection ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 pictures, clients find it challenging to make selections amidst post-wedding responsibilities. Consequently, this delay in selection leads to further delays as they may forget to include some of the best moments. 

if client select the pictures usually, clients finalize their choices about 1 to 6 months after the wedding.

The most efficient approach is for us to choose the photos and design the album template for you.


With this method, we can have everything ready for delivery within a maximum of 20-25 days. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message.


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